Save up to 75% on employee costs

We make it easy and affordable for you to outsource
your own dedicated team through YourOffice.

How it works

YourOffice finds and hires employees based on your talent requirements. We will provide you with your own managed operations in the Philippines. We will hire and employ your team members, and give them all the assest and support services they need to permform at their very best.

Step One: Hiring

YourOffice interviews and hires employees based on your criteria. You may hand pick candidates who will work for you exclusively. Your team is legally employed and managed by YourOffice, but they will report to you.

Step Two: Training

You may be as involved or uninvolved as you choose. Hold group meetings/trainings with your team as often as you want.

Step Three: Managing

We will provide you with an account manager for day-to-day coordination. Your account manager will ensure that your employees are on time and working the way you want them to.

Step Four: Business Growth

  • Lower your costs by as much as 70%
  • Increase profits with quality employees.
  • Focus on growth not overhead
  • Ability to operate 24x7.